About Us

Robs Appliance Plus was founded by Rob Hill in the fall of 2021.  

After more than 12 years working as an residential appliance technician and 5 years as a commercial  appliance technician primarily in the restaurant and bar equipment arena for other companies, Rob decided he could take the best from these other companies and combine them into one great company. Rob’s  experience is not just in the appliance field. He has experience in the automotive field, yard and garden tools, snowmobiles, boats, RV repair, and was an Airframes, Structures, and Hydraulics mechanic on  the AV8BB Harrier Jump Jet for 6 years in the Marine Corps. Five of those years he served as the Shop Supervisor and  Collateral Duty Inspector where he received two Meritorious Mast Commendation for outstanding  performance and a Navy Achievement Medal for inventing a hydraulic pressure testing unit to aid in the quick and accurate diagnostics of hydraulic components. Needless to say, Rob’s experience in the mechanical arena is well  rounded and he is able to use all of that experience in his effort to make Robs Appliance Plus the best  company out there. Rob loves to teach and instruct others, and is always happy to inform customers of  his diagnostic process, and recommendations, even if that means losing a repair job and opting for replacing the appliance instead. He also passes down his knowledge to younger techs so his customers get the same service no matter who arrives at their door. 


Rob’s expertise comes from learning from some of the best. He would seek out the top technician and/or the repair manager to make sure he was learning the correct way to do things. He always does his research, notes changes in industry standards, keeps up with manufacturers bulletins on trends  found in the field, and constantly looks for ways to speed up or improve common repairs. He does all this without  sacrificing quality or cutting corners. Integrity is a large part of who Rob is. You can always expect  him to do the right thing, even when nobody’s watching. He has pride in his work and doesn’t ever want to give his customers less than what they deserve, or have anyone come behind him down the road and have anything negative to say about his work. If a new appliance change comes around, he again does his research to be completely prepared. He feels that his customers deserve that, and his  integrity demands it. 

Rob is especially proficient in refrigeration theory as he learned this skill from a former Navy  Refrigeration Tech who was one of his past employers. He understands refrigeration on a much higher  level than any other residential technician he’s come across, and has never had to go back to “re-fix”  any sealed system repair. He takes the time to do it right the first time and won’t even attempt a job he  believes might not last due to the age of the appliance or other factors.

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Thus far, Robs Appliance Plus has earned a 100% 5 star rating on every site you find him on, save two  reviews that Google and Yelp refuse to remove. One is from someone who was never a customer and didn’t even explain their 2 star rating despite attempts to respond to them about the mistake. The other  one was a prospective customer who gave false information in an apparent attempt to get us to install a complete house full of appliances in a remodel. Instead of getting ripped off, Rob said no, and stated he was going to report them. 

He then got a 1 star review from this person simply for trying to protect his company and following his own code of ethics. I invite you to read through what past customers have to say about Rob, and Robs Appliance Plus. Our customers can paint a pretty clear picture of who we are and give details about why they feel that way and refer us to anyone they know who needs a fair  and honest appliance repair or install. One more thing to note here when talking about ethics and  integrity is that Robs Appliance Plus will never insist on being paid in cash like so many others. Rob  believes in doing it “the right way”, and hiding income is not the right thing. All payments go into the  company bank account, even tips.

Rob Hill

Veteran. Owner. Operator

Robs Appliance Plus LLC

Although this “about us” page is written in the third person, all of the information here came directly from and was written by Rob himself. He/I believe in being accurate and earning your trust, so who  better than myself to be the one to inform prospective customers? Anything mentioned here can be  backed up and proved if any customer desires it. I refuse to invent or hide anything. I don’t want or  need to. I truly want to build the best appliance repair and install company out there. If all goes well, it  will be the next great franchise and I can retire with a comfortable retirement income after finding  another like minded individual to manage “the empire”. In all honesty, I’ve only had two customers  that were not thrilled with my service, and both of them had preconceived ideas of what to expect  before I even arrived due to poor experiences with contractors in the past. While it does bother me that I could not win them over, I understand that I can’t “win’ every time. It’s just the way the world works. I hope I have at least surprised you with this page, and look forward to proving everything I’ve  mentioned here to you. Everyone deserves to get quality service for a fair price, just like in the good ole days. I’m at least one business owner who you will see stands out from the rest. All you have to do is  give my business a try. I guarantee, I will impress you.